If you get any funky fungi taste in your coffee, we'll give you your money back. That's our taste promise.

"I love it. It tastes amazing!"

"I find the lion's mane keeps me focused for longer"

"I did not think it was going to taste that good...but it honestly tastes amazing. I'd highly, highly recommend it".

"I love it. It tastes amazing!"

"I find the lion's mane keeps me focused for longer"

"I did not think it was going to taste that good...but it honestly tastes amazing. I'd highly, highly recommend it".

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Don't get us wrong, coffee isn't all bad

We’re not one of those people who think that coffee is the devil. Far from it, we love it. There is a strong list of scientifically backed health benefits to coffee including antioxidants, improved mental performance and cognitive function and lowering the risk of certain diseases.

But, we are not delusional. Caffeine dependency, coffee jitters and overpriced lattes are a real thing.

But, coffee is not what it is hyped up to be

I found that we’d be working away and we couldn’t stop drinking coffee. I would chain-drink cups and cups of coffee and after a while I would get anxious peaks of alertness, followed by a jittery, unproductive crash. It would destroy my sleep and then the next morning I’d find myself relying on it to bring me back to square one.

So we mixed the best of both worlds to create a mushroom coffee that tastes like REAL coffee

We took what we loved about coffee and what we loved about mushrooms and infused them together.

Our key criteria was that the infusion process could not alter the taste of the coffee. So after countless disasters we developed a patent pending infusion process that does not affect the taste of the coffee at all.

Don't believe us? We get it. Why should you? That's why we let our community speak for us.

What our community is saying

Ask us anything

Absolutely NOT. Our mission was to create a healthy coffee product that tastes no different than your regular cup of coffee. We mean it when we say you will not be able to taste the difference.

Nope, the only ingredients in our blends are the coffee beans and mushroom or hemp infusion. What you see is what you get.

Our infused coffees come in either a whole bean and pre-ground options. You should brew our products just like your regular coffee.

The answer is it depends on your individual needs. Our guides offer a recommended protocol for both Lion's Mane and Hemp.

Two Roads started and operates out of Sydney, Australia. All of our mushrooms and hemp products are Australian grown, while our coffee beans are sourced all over the world.

Filter grind, also known as medium grind, is coarser than espresso grind. The particles are larger, similar to the texture of granulated sugar or sea salt. This grind size is typically used for brewing methods where water passes through the coffee grounds relatively quickly, such as drip coffee makers, pour-over brewers, and French presses. The coarser grind allows for a longer contact time between the water and the coffee grounds, resulting in a balanced extraction and a smoother, less intense flavour profile.

The espresso grind is much finer than filter grind, with particles resembling powdered sugar or fine sand. This grind size is specifically tailored for espresso machines, which require a fine grind to facilitate the high-pressure extraction process. The fine grind allows for a rapid extraction, producing a concentrated shot of espresso with a rich crema and a bold, intense flavour profile. Due to the short contact time between water and coffee grounds in espresso brewing, a finer grind is necessary to ensure proper extraction and flavour development.

Filter roast (light roast) and espresso roast (dark roast) differ primarily in roast level and flavour profile.

Filter roasts are typically lighter, preserving delicate flavours like floral or fruity notes due to shorter roasting times. Conversely, espresso roasts undergo a longer roasting process, resulting in a darker color and more intense flavors such as caramel or dark chocolate.

At Two Roads, we keep both roasts very similar so that the filter roast can be used as an espresso and vice versa - so if you want a filter roast but you have an espresso machine don't worry - we promise it will taste just as good as the espresso roast.

Please reach out to us on our socials or via support@tworoads.au. We'd love to hear from you!